The Condo Story: Purchasing My Own Place

The Condo Story: Purchasing My Own PlaceĀ 
Outfit deets:

* Fresh top (from Winners) which I’ve had for several years but don’t think I’ve worn on the blog.

* DIY denim shorts which although I made them a couple years ago, I never wore them much and now I’m wearing them frequently; case in point, out dancing two weekends ago.

* Sam Edelman ‘Sophie Low’ wedges (new, ish!) which I absolutely adore.  Not only are they comfortable but they are stylish and a lower heel than I’m used to.  Seen with white skinnies & two shades of green.  (BTW, size down about half a size, I totally could have gone with the 9.5).

* Accessories: various bangles & Gucci shades.

It was simple: two
bedrooms, a balcony, in-unit washer and dryer, hardwood, higher level
floor, within the city and within my budget.  Those were the things I
was looking for in a condo.  It wasn’t too much to ask for, but for my
budget, it was a little sparse looking.

I had been working with a realtor for about a year, on and off…
most recently, on.  He sent me listing after listing (automated, to
match my specific criteria) and nothing fit the bill.  We went to see
place after place after place, one came close, but ultimately, nothing
felt like ‘the one’.  Although I was in no rush to buy (I love where I
live, but ultimately I am renting and owning is ideal), it was getting a
little frustrating after a place I thought was maybe the one, slipped
through my fingers.  Turns out it was not the one and that happened as
this was about to.

Then I found it.  The one.

A brand new build, located
in the city and not even started yet.  The downfall?  Will be ready in
November 2014.  The optimistic spin: more time to save even more money
to put down (and have a smaller mortgage in return).

I walked into the sales office a few weeks ago on a Wednesday evening after getting a
spray tan with no idea what was about to happen.  I thought maybe I
would go in, get a price list, find out I couldn’t afford it and walk out. 

Not the case.  At all.

I told the sales woman I needed a two
bedroom, but that a one bedroom plus den might work.  We looked over the
floor plans, prices and options.  I started to get excited.  The
smallest one bedroom plus den was pretty nice.  And within my budget.  She
told me the higher the floor, the more expensive.  Now, since I currently living
in a high-rise on a high floor, I’m only interested in moving somewhere
with a view.  The view I have now is pretty awesome, and it’s so nice
to be up high and as a safety factor, I like that I can leave my bedroom
window open at night.  Then she told me only the 11th floor was
available for this unit.  All other units were sold.  My heart dropped. 
I probably couldn’t afford the 11th floor.

She showed me the price list.

Then my jaw dropped and I tried to hide my excitement: I could afford the 11th floor.

knew I couldn’t sit on this, as it was such a great deal, it could be
sold the next day if I didn’t act immediately (there is only one of this
unit, per floor, and all other floors were sold).  I gave all my
information and we made an appointment for me to come back three days
later to seal the deal with a deposit and signature (and to call them if
I changed my mind).  I took my sales package, price list and floor plan
and bustled out to my car in excitement.

The following evening I met with my mom to tell her what had
happened, show her the sales package and share my thoughts.  By the end
of our two hour coffee sesh, I convinced her I was serious and this was
it.  She took the paperwork home to share the exciting news with my
dad.  On Saturday, I asked my parents to come with me to the sales
office where I would be putting down my deposit and signing the
paperwork.  It was such a surreal moment and so very exciting!

So, enough chatter, here are the deets:

* One bedroom + den (aka walk-in closet / dressing room)

* Hardwood floors

* Granite counter-tops

* Stainless appliances

* Breakfast bar

* In-unit washer & dryer

* A balcony off my bedroom (sliding doors) and living room (regular door) with glass railings

* Indoor salt water pool

* Gym

* Underground parking (which you purchase on top of your price)

So now I just have to be patient and watch the next two years fly by (ha, right)
before I can move in.  I’ll keep you up to speed on the progress and
all the fun details and ideas I have (I certainly have time for it).

Pssssst!  Those photos above?  That’s me standing exactly where my condo will be built.  Exciting!

And here are a few from the sales office & signing my paperwork:


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