8 Easy Steps for Entertaining Well

Outfit deets:

* Costa Blanca top (thrifted) and last seen with black on black.

* F21 skirt (old) which you have seen in the winter with nude fishnets & another black top, also in the rain with opaque tights and a top I made.  And for fun, here are some other times I’ve worn leopard.

* Anne Michelle spiked heels (new!) which are so comfy.  They have like, little pillows inside them, they stay put when I walk and everyone and anyone has this inkling urge to tell me that I shouldn’t, ‘kick anyone‘ with these shoes on. Similar in black.

* Accessories: F21 square bangle, Emily Elizabeth ‘Love’ necklace (which I won) & Gucci shades.

How often do you entertain?  Before I moved (into my tiny apartment), I loved to have people over and host get-togethers.  Now don’t get me wrong, cooking for many people stresses the crap out of me, but ultimately I enjoy playing host. 

I’ve compiled a short list of easy things to keep in mind when entertaining to help relieve some of the jitters before the guests arrive:

1. Set the mood with music before the first guests arrive.

Araabmuzik has some great tracks for dinner or simply mingling.  I also really like the Buddah Cafe CD or just tune your flat screen to The Chill Lounge, if you have it.

2. Stock the ice bucket; buy it if you didn’t make it.

3. Distribute food around the room to keep your guests mingling.

4. Greet each guest yourself with enthusiasm / insist on getting the door (it will make them feel special and important).

5. Mingle, don’t stay in one group too long.  It is completely acceptable to politely excuse yourself.

6. Do your cleaning prep-work in advance.  The bathroom is the one room the guests will spend the most alone time, make it a priority to have it sparkling.  Fresh towels are a must.

7. Light some candles to set the ambiance and to have your place smelling sweet.

8. Dim the lights, make it feel swanky and warm.


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