Fall Evening Fun

Last night I got together with two girlfriends and there was wine, cheese, and quiche.  And lots of chatter.  And laughs.  And good times. 

While sitting around, I noticed a neat little box of notecards on Rachella’s table and she said they were conversation cards.  So we played.  The questions were things like, ‘If you could spend one year somewhere, which country would you choose?’ (Brazil for me), and, ‘What would you like to receive as a birthday gift?’ (designer shoes), and, ‘If you could do one indulgent thing without suffering the consequences, what would it be?’ (tanning; haha), and more.  We took turns reading cards and answering each one.  So simple and yet so fun and entertaining! 

Fall is officially here, enjoy it while it lasts (preferably with wine and cheese)!


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