Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Friday night home-cooked meal:  Potato chicken curry.

My Friday night contribution:  Apple crisp!


Best Friday night surprise:  new Dr. Dre Beats headphones! 

(Have you tried these?  They are the best in the game.  Love love love.)

Saturday morning breakfast at Broadways.

I test drove the new Scion fr-s but ultimately did not like it (sure is pretty to look at though).  Still looking.

Later on, I did some shopping and picked up these two real-stone rings from Dollarama.

Burgers & fries at Five Guys to finish off a great Saturday.

On Sunday I made breakfast and it looked like this.

Testing out my new Solo’s…

…and on Sunday evening I actually went to the gym

(I blame the new headphones, I really wanted to use ’em).

Sunday night was Dexter and finished off with a pizza craving that was met at midnight.

(Look at all that delicious food.  Sheesh!  Talk about an indulgent weekend.)


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