Place d’Orleans 2012 Holiday Campaign Photoshoot

On Saturday, I was whisked away to Montreal for a photoshoot for the 2012 Holiday Campaign for Place d’Orleans (a mall in my city; the one I am the Fashion Vlogger with).  As in, I’m going to be the face of the Christmas campaign.  What!?

This doesn’t happen to me.

I am not a model.

Did this just happen!?

The day was so exciting; it was a real photoshoot with a professional photographer, stylist, make-up artist, crew, snow machine, and more.  It was surreal!

From the moment I arrived, everyone was so sweet and hospitable, making me feel almost instantly comfortable (but I was a little nervous, to be honest).  They sat me in the hair and make-up chair and I was pampered from head to toe.  About an hour later, I was dressed, hair did, nails painted and full make-up ready to go.  They put on some more upbeat music than the cool-chill vibe stuff they had on and we got started.

The first look was a Limité bustier, Jacob skirt & Le Chateau fur stole clipped with some sparkly barrets.  It looked beautiful, but I felt a little exposed (ha!).  Everyone was so encouraging and while I have never really modelled before, I did enjoy my experience.  The second outfit was my favourite, a black and gold sequined dress from Le Chateau that fit me like a glove and I felt very comfortable in.  They had me dance around while ‘snow’ was falling on me (I say ‘snow’ because it was more like foam from a bubble bath that smelt like plastic).

I’d love to share some photos with you… 

 The moment I arrived I snapped this pic and it started to set in that it was about to get real!

 Hair & make-up tools on Tomoko‘s table.

 All these shoes and accessories for me (heaven!).

 After curling and pinning my hair into pin-curls, Tomoko started my make-up.

Stylist Patricia organizing all the clothing she pulled and brought to the shoot.

 Getting the set ready (my view from the hair chair).

 Once I was dressed in my first outfit, Tomoko gave me a dark lip (perfect for fall!).  She was so cute and stood on a stool so we’d be eye to eye!

 Being styled (and looking angry, but I promise I’m not!).

It’s snowing indoors!

 The crew and photographer checking out some shots mid-shoot.

 More make-up and different hair for the second outfit.

Ready to go.

 Checking out some of the frames. 

The photographer told me she took 148 frames of the second outfit (with me dancing) and I gave her a different shot every. single. time.  She said she doesn’t even get that from professional models!  #proudmoment

 Veronique, the marketing guru, & I.

 The photographer, Patrizia Castiglione, & I.

The campaign is set to go live mid-late November and I will be featured on the mall doors and decals, the website, them all brochure and transit stops.  I could not be more excited and grateful for such a cool experience.  Everyone was so positive, warm and gave me great feedback during the shoot, it was a real success!  Thank you Place d’Orleans, I had a blast.

That’s a wrap!

More photos on Instagram.

| UPDATE:  See the finished product HERE.


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