Ready for Winter

Outfit deets:

* Old Navy jacket (old) last seen with black skinnies (in a favourite outfit post) & again with a dress (and the same colour scheme as the skinnies post).

* Mexx top (new!).

* Target pants from my trip to Florida (haul video).

* Spring boots which you’ve seen in my Bundling Up video.

* Aldo purse which you’ve seen in my Fall Fashion video.

* Accessories:  H&M scarf & Aldo fingerless gloves.

Ready for winter?  Well not quite, but is anyone ever really ready?

Holy crap you guys, Christmas is a week away and I’m on a major time crunch to finish my shopping.  I am definitely getting there but still need a few more things.  Also the wrapping.

Ugh, the wrapping.


Does anyone out there actually enjoy wrapping 46 gifts in a row?  I mean, one or two, or seven even… but multiples of tens?  No thanks.  It’s a miniature nightmare to me. But alas, it must be done and so while I could start my wrapping now, I’ll likely leave it to the last minute and then kick myself for doing so. 

Does anyone else feel like Christmas is coming too quick?  I certainly do.  I almost wish December was two-months long (ha, that doesn’t really make sense, but you get me… right?  I hope?… Crickets?  Anyone?) so I could really prepare and get in the holiday spirit for longer, pre-Christmas.  I love this time of year, the hustle and bustle, the music, the parties, the shopping and more.  I always get so sad when Christmas is over… the big build up and boom, it’s done.  Wah wah.  

I’m blabbering and I should be wrapping, so with that, have a wonderful December day! xo


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