We’re the Two Best Friends That…

I’ve talked about this girl before, Sarah, my best friend, partner in crime and travel companion.  We work together, play together and sometimes she raps for me.

Sarah is notorious for entering contests and so it was no huge surprise she entered us into a contest with Goody (the hair accessories people) the other day (although I hadn’t heard of the contest until I saw she entered us!). 

The real surprise?  Making it to the top 5 of all the entries (Goody chose the top 5).  So exciting!

Now, this is where we need your help.  If we win, we will be whisked away to Toronto on a BFF weekend trip, pampered at the spa & sent out to dinner.  They would be sending us for two nights; so cool!  The winners are picked by whichever best-friends get the most votes.  We are currently leading, but not by much, and we need your vote!

Please .  It takes three seconds and we would so appreciate it!

* That picture is us in Vegas at the I Heart Radio concert in September 2012 (a trip Sarah won!).


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