An Organized Linen/Make-Up/Accessories Closet

I will often let messes get messier.  It’s a terrible habit, but I do it and then it stresses me beyond belief until I attack the mess and get it under control. 

My make-up/accessories/linen closet has been one of these things; haunting me every weekend while I’m trying to do fun things (the nerve!) and every time I open it up to grab something (or throw my laundry in the basket below), I wanted to shudder.  Then, instead of tackling it, I would quickly close the door and, well, run off and do something fun instead.

I finally pulled everything out the other night, organized, purged (a ton) and then figured out a way that would work for me to be organized and make getting ready in the morning a little bit easier.  I amalgamated all my accesories onto one shelf (the upper) and kept the beauty/make-up products down below.  I also pulled several things from the kitchen that I keep but barely use to help this effort: the home-made cake stand in the back for bracelets, the large black bowl to hold smaller bangles, a regular wine bottle for hinged bangles, a decorative vase from my room for the leather-wrap bracelets, regular glass ware for an overflow of nail polishes, and a clear glass bowl with a wide mouth with a lid for rings.

I also wanted to show you how I display my necklaces.  Silver on one side and gold on the right, some nails in the wall and voila…


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