Cute DIY Sweatshirt

Have an old sweatshirt that needs sprucing up before tossing out?  Or perhaps, like me, you’re looking for the perfect casual-meets-cool sweatshirt.

I found this sweatshirt at Giant Tiger for $4 (what?!); they also had black and navy (which I may go back for another at that price).  The great thing about the price too is if you screw it up, it’s not a huge deal.  Read on to see how I made this masterpiece…

 Fold the sweater in half so your neckline is equal.

 Start cutting about 2 – 3 inches in from the shoulder seam. 

 I wanted to keep the ‘triangle’ stitching at the neck so 

I just cut above that along the collar seam at the front.

(My boat neck actually ended up being a little too wide, but oh well, I will still wear it).


Pair it with:

* Jeans & a pair of ankle boots.

* A sequined skirt & tights.

* Leggings and a long tank (sporty, even works for the gym).

Don’t feel like making one?  Here are some cute F21 options:

* White & pink, off the shoulder.

* Tie-dye.

* Sequined numbers.

* Sequined heart.

* Similar to mine (gray).

* Yes, I basically cut the neck line out of this sweatshirt and rolled up the sleeves.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.  You could cut off the bottom band, but I wanted to keep mine… for now at least.  Have fun!


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