Do You Wash Your Clothes Before You Wear Them?

I was thinking of starting up a weekly series here, of thoughtful topics we could discuss, in a safe environment.  We could get a little risqué sometimes, or keep it clean other times.  I love hearing from you in the comments, getting your feedback, opinions and hear about similarities or even differences among us all.  What’d ya think? 

Today I wanted to talk about laundry (keepin’ it clean for this first post; clean…get it?). 

When you purchase a new piece of clothing, do you wash it before you wear it?

I never washed my clothes before wearing them (except undies)

, despite being a bit of a germophobe but I like leaving the tags on until I go to wear it for the first time.  A few years ago though, I started to wash everything before wearing it, but am now back at wearing before washing usually.

The other day however, I got home from shopping and had a ton of laundry to do, so after slight hesitation, I removed all the tags to my new Zara clothes and washed ’em up.  Unfortunately, one of the tops shrunk so bad (it didn’t even touch the dryer) it doesn’t fit.  I am so disappointed, I didn’t even get to wear it once.  And so, the dilemma of washing before wearing.

So, do you wash before wearing?

* The photos are from my Instagram and I often wonder if I should post them here or not because I don’t want things to become too repeatitive for you guys… but then I figure not everyone has Instagram so I should share some here too.  Thoughts on that?


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