Rocker Chic

Outfit deets:

* Jacob tee.

* H&M waxed pants which you have seen with a cardigan and heels and also on Thanksgiving with a leather-sleeved blazer  (see how I styled my black waxed pants HERE).

* Hi-top wedge sneaks which you have seen with a Zara dress for a concert I went to (full details on the shoes HERE).

* Accessories:  Joe Fresh necklace, F21 clutch & Hot Diamonds ring.

Good morning everyone!  Sorry for the tardy delay on today’s post; last night was a late one and this morning I was off-site for work training.  How is everyone’s Wednesday so far?

So, what’s happening on my end?  Well, the car sitch has hit a small snag.  I had plans to purchase and then it kind of fell through… all after I had already listed my car for sale online and had people inquiring.  I decided to leave the ad up, as I figured I wouldn’t get much of a response, but in turn, I am getting several responses and am thinking of taking it down.  Since I haven’t found a car yet (but am actively looking), I cannot get rid of my car until I do.  Someone made an offer last weekend, cash in hand, and I probably would have taken it if I’d already purchased another vehicle, but I haven’t, so, I turned it down. 

I don’t know about you, but after owning a car for pretty much my entire adulthood, I can’t imagine not having a car to get around.  The odd times where my car has been getting fixed and I’ve had to go without has shown me how much more difficult it would be.  Of course, that is what the convienence of a car offers, and we pay for that convience.  I’m just saying, for me, to me, it’s worth it.


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