Do you like it when strangers call you pet names?

About a year ago, I was shopping at Old Navy and upon arriving at the fitting room, this cheerful middle-aged woman greeted me with an uber friendly, ‘Would you like to try those on, love?‘  I smiled big, felt warm inside and said yes.  She showed me to a room and that was that.  When I left, despite not finding anything to purchase, she said, ‘Have a good day, love!’ and I just felt so special.  So much so, that I had to tell her that her cheerful demeanor and pet names made me feel happy and that it was really nice to come across someone so sweet and friendly in retail.

I personally love it when people use pet names; love, sweetie, hon, beautiful, etc., even if I don’t know them.  It just makes me feel nice inside and who doesn’t love a friendly person?

That said, I know some people that hate when others use pet names (a friend said, ‘I don’t know them, why are they calling me pet names reserved for special people in life?’).

So sound off:  love or hate?

(Photo of Peanut & I, December 2012).


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