My new car!

I’m so excited to share with you all my new car: an Infiniti G37 S!  

This car has been my dream car for many years and I never thought I would be able to make it a reality.  I’m still in shock and just so freakin’ happy!  

I have been car hunting since last summer, casually, on-and-off, but more seriously since November.  I’m a big car girl and wanted to get a car I really, really loved this time.  I bought my old car nine and a half years ago, and while I looked after it and babied it for many years, it was not my ideal car (but of course it wasn’t, I bought it when I was 19). 

When I started my car shopping, I was looking for a new Honda Civic SI.  Brand new, as it would offer me a warranty for many years, and a Civic because it was within my budget and I would feel pretty good driving and having that.  Of course, it was not the car I really wanted.  The car I really wanted was a G37 but I didn’t think I would ever find one with the features I wanted and in my budget.

Long story short, I found this car at the beginning of January after pulling out 30 minutes before ‘signing on the dotted line‘ for a new 2012 Civic SI.  I started to pursue this car, but still was unsure if it was financially feasible or the right decision (being a luxury car, ie. higher repair bills; and a used car).  I went back and forth and did a ton of research.  I priced out wheels, a brake job, read forums and reviews about the car.  Hours upon hours of research to really educate myself to make an informed decision (despite loving the car in general).  

Finally, this past week I took possession of the car and could not be flying higher!  It’s a real dream come true to be driving this vehicle and I feel so lucky! 

Here are some specs on the car:

2009 Infiniti G37 S

* Pearlescent white on black leather interior.

* 27k kms (practically brand new & never winter driven… until now).

* 6-Speed manual transmission.

* Rear-wheel drive (not ideal for winters here, but this car does not come in all-wheel drive with a manual transmission, which was not an option; I love driving standard).

* 6 CD disc player.

* Moonroof.

* Bluetooth.

* 19″ stock alloy rims (the rims on the car currently are the new winter tires and alloy rims I ordered from; love the black rims and couldn’t go with regular steel wheels as they wouldn’t fit over the brakes).

See my old car HERE.

The day I picked up car: Thursday, February 21, 2012.  So happy!


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