Shopping: New Purchases

Faux Leather Sleeved Dress

I recently discovered a website called Everbuying (similar to eBay, without the bidding) as I was looking to purchase a battery-pack style charger for my iPhone. 

Well whaddayouknow, they sell clothes too! 

Of course they are from China, and teeny tiny which is why I’m currently wishing I was a petite Asian so I could fit into the dress above (wah wah; plus it’s more like a shirt on me #tallgirlproblems).  Sadly, all three items that I ordered aren’t exactly the best fit despite purchasing size large for everything.

That said, I thought I would share with you what I picked up because the pieces are really fashion-y and cool, for cheap cheap cheap.  And THIS is the charger for my iPhone that I picked up a couple months ago aswell.

 Faux Leather Sleeved Jacket with Obliqued Zipper

* I love this jacket and while the shoulder fit is a little wonky, the body is roomy so I’m going to make it work.  Such a chic, unique looking piece, especially for the price.

Turndown Collar Colour Blocked Jacket

(button-less with buckles on sleeves)

* This jacket is quite snug but there are two darts in the back that I’m going to let out to give me more room to wrap it arond me.  My mannequin’s waist is smaller than mine but I’m hoping with letting the darts out, it will then look like this on me.

This is not a sponsored post, I simply went shopping & am sharing.


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