What are you saving it for?

I’ve talked about being a ‘saver’ of my clothing and shoes, and while I’ve made it a resolution in the past to do that less, and have actually been able to do so on many occassions, I still find myself saving things.

Saving for what?

The perfect occassion.

The perfect day.

The perfect feelingObviously.

(This is kind of long winded, so more after the jump…)

I think this dates back to when I was younger and my Mom used to always emphasize saving things ‘for special occassions’ as it would then make the piece, article, or item extra special (like how people often save their special jewelery for certain celebrations, but would never dare wear them everyday).  I think it kind of stuck with me, despite being a person who tries to live in the moment and live for today somewhat.  In essence, I feel my saving of articles holds me back from living in the moment, as silly as it sounds.

There was a time when I would not save things: the first day of school.  I remember going shopping for a few back-to-school pieces and being so excited to wear my new outfit on the first day of school.  I did this for many years, but a turning point that stands out was the first day of sixth grade when I wore my waffle-knit a-line skirt (with small buttons down the front), knee socks and a burgundy coloured top.  This was pretty fashion-forward as knee-socks were in the stores, but they certainly weren’t on any of my friends legs.  Additionally, the norm would have been to wear pants on the first day (or any day, for that matter).  But I was adament that I wanted to wear this outfit, and I felt so proud on that day, getting on the bus, heading to school.  Sadly, I was made fun of by some older kids and my confidence in that outfit really took a hit.  I’m not sure I even wore those knee socks again, it was that bad.

As the years pressed on, a new school year one after the next, by the time I hit High School I noticed a change: I didn’t want to wear my full, brand new outfit on the first day.  No, I wanted to save it for later in the week.  Sometimes I’d wear a new piece on the first day, and sometimes I’d wear something I’d already owned (a true sign it’s no longer new, right?  Ha).  Was this to feel more comfortable?  To avoid ridicule of an outfit I had yet to ‘test out’?  Or was it simply my old habit of saving something that was ingrained in me coming out in full force?

Now a days, I still find myself saving things, even when I’m excited about a purchase I just made.  Why do I feel the need to keep it for weeks (sometimes months) before I take it around the block, literally?!  Case in point, the other day I ripped the tags off a top that I bought on Boxing Day 2011; over a year later!  Craziness.

Are you a saver of your beautiful things or are you the type to rip the tags off before you barely step foot home?

(image via Song of Style’s instagram)


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