Today I turn 29 and it is a little surreal thinking I’m in the last year of my twenties.  ReallyThe last year in my twenties?  I don’t feel old enough to be here… and somehow I do. 

I also feel there is this silent obligation to make this the best year ever, being as it’s the last one in my twenties (despite knowing I should and will have many great years to come in my thirties, and forties, and fifties, and so on, I hope).

This year I will be celebrating tonight with my boyfriend, tomorrow with a girl friend for brunch, Saturday night with a few girlfriends for dinner, and Sunday with my Grandparents who have kindly invited me for dinner at their senior’s residence.  My family threw me a surprise birthday dinner back in February as my parents would be away on the actual day, complete with my best friend and my favourite meal: a full turkey dinner (and a sweet home-made cake by my mom)!

Here is a look back at the past few birthdays:

* 28: Florida birthday & special celebrations with friends.

* 27: Birthday brunch.

* 27: Birthday dinner.

* 26: Birthday party.

* 26: Birthday surprise.

* 26: Birthday dinner.


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