Define Yourself

Outfit deets: 

* Alfred Sung top (from Zellers).  I wore this outfit for the Superbowl party I went to where everyone was rooting for the SF 49’ers (I couldn’t care less, actually).  Sadly, even my outfit couldn’t help them win.

* Joe Fresh pants which I purchased almost a year ago and am wearing them for the first time ever (and can I just say I will never wear these pants again!  They are so freakin’ tight I can’t even get the button done up and they have zero stretch.  Wah wah).

* Ardène flats (which I DIY’ed a cap-top using THIS method) that you saw in my Wardrobe Classics vlog.

* Accessories:  Expressions necklace.

I started writing this post two years ago, but didn’t get very far.  Something triggered my memory and I went to search for that draft post and it was dated February 14, 2011 (almost two years to the day!) and thought it would be interesting to Define Myself.

So let’s get a little superficial; I mean, what life doesn’t involve those sorts of things to a certain extent? I’m not talking the deep stuff that matters, I’m talking the silly, little, small things that make us who we are (just put aside the deep stuff for a minute, kay?).  As I think back over the years, things have definitely changed but some things remain the same. Here’s what defines me today:

Shoes (lots of ’em); usually heels.

A two-door car (with a manual transmission).

Inter-city living.

Gym workouts.



Travelling (more than ever).

Home-made lunches.

Skinny pants.

Doing things on my own (like buying a condo, paying bills and being independent for kind of the first time ever).

Sleeping in on weekends.

Flowy tops.

A best friend.

Workin’ 9 – 5 (ish).

Birth control.

Bangles & big necklaces.




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