This is Me

Outfit deets:

* Old Navy jacket (old) which you’ve seen with black skinnies (love this post), during the fall with beautiful leaves and cool tights, with a leopard skirt in the rain and with a pretty olive green dress.

* Zara sweater which you’ve seen in this post about confidence, and on the weekend (also have the black on and wore it that same weekend as well), and in my original haul video.

* Smart Set cami (which I own in almost every colour of the rainbow and wear constantly).

* Joe Fresh skirt which was originally a t-shirt that I turned into a skirt using THIS method.  Also seen with olive green & a belt I love (and haven’t worn in forever).

* Bamboo boots (old) which you’ve seen with leggings and the last time I wore this skirt.

* Accessories:  Ardène pashmina, Alfred Sung sunglasses, H&M large bangle, Swarovski bangle & Joe Fresh necklace.

Thanks for all the sweet comments you guys leave on a semi-daily basis.  It’s so nice to share parts of my life with you all, and hearing from you makes it even better.  I also love how interactive we’re getting in the Let’s Chat posts every Wednesday, it’s so interesting hearing what you guys think and how you react to various things.

Additionally, I know we don’t all share the same opinions, but that’s what can also be great, so long as we respect others opinions and can share and learn.  What I write is how I feel, not how you have to feel or  like, but if we can learn something from each other, at the very least, that’s a great bonus!

Tonight I’m getting together with three girlfriends for a semi-impromptu girls’ dinner.  We are all bringing something, and I was in charge of the side so I put together a quinoa salad, based loosely on this recipe I randomly found online.  I tried some for dinner last night and it turned out great. 

I’m on somewhat of a quinoa quick, but have been for a while.  It’s such a great substitute for rice and is a great source of protein as well as carbohydrate.  It’s filling and healthy and all the right things.  It’s pretty bland, but you can spice it up with spices or sauces (which can take it from being healthy, to less than healthy, but…) or just eat it on it’s own.  I personally don’t mind the taste, and like it on it’s own.  My favourite is as a plain side with chicken and veggies for dinner.  You can also mix it into salads, breakfast and I’ve even heard of it being used in desserts!  Google it & jump on the band wagon.


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