Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

 Friday night take-out: thai (I can’t recall what these are called, but they were amazing).

 Rockin’ my new D-tox spike bangle (with my older, gifted, Swarovski bangle).

Saturday afternoon casual.

Outfit deets:  thrifted jacket, H&M tee, Zara pants, Aldo purse, Ardène pashmina, Gucci shades & hi-top wedges.

Since running out of real maple syrup, I’ve been adding Agave Nectar to my oatmeal in the mornings (I had kind of forgotten I had this bottle).  On Saturday moning when I opened my tea and it wasn’t quite sweet enough, I found another use for it.

 Saturday morning breakfast:  egg sandwich (one egg, two whites) on flax seed bread.

 Saturday evening casual (added a headband, boots & zipper snood).

 Saturday night dinner: chicken stir fry with quinoa.

 Sunday brunch.

On Sunday, due to Daylight Savings, by the time I got going, it was almost late afternoon.  I ran some errands, shared my newest DIY, got a spray tan and cooked dinner for the man.  I love lighting candles, espcially when I have people over.  Gives such a nice ambiance and you can’t beat the smell.

This sweatshirt gets a ton of love.

Sunday night dinner: chicken tandoori with quinoa & veg.


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