Kiss Print Denim Jacket

Outfit deets:

* DIY kiss print denim jacket (plain jacket is from Aeropostale (on sale now); love the big cuffs on this!).

* Thrifted vintage tank.

* H&M denim.

Happy Friday everyone!  It’s been a pretty busy week with being back at work after 12 days off–what luxury!–and keeping up with my evening extra curriculars.  I’ve been having Internet issues and was unable to upload my birthday vlog so am hoping to get that done this weekend along with editing my Toronto trip (Day 1 & Day 2) vlog and my Mexico trip vlog (I foresee a lot of editing in my future, yikes).

Last night I played volleyball, but at a different spot than we regularily do on Thursdays and it was alot of fun. I ran into some people I used to play with several years ago which was nice.  Afterwards, a few of us went out for some drinks and that cold beer tasted so good.  Of course, the night ran long and I was dragging my butt this morning!

Tonight I’m going to a wine show, which I’m really looking forward to and have never been.  The rest of the weekend is kind of up in the air, but I do need to film my next vlog for my PDO gig and edit that. 

Have a great weekend!

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