Neon + “Chambray”

Outfit deets:

* American Eagle men’s button down (on sale!) which I showed in my PDO Hottest Spring Trends vlog (I’m wearing a size small).

* Stitches neon skirt which I wore a ton last summer and will again this summer.

* Aldo wedges (new!) which you’ve seen with distressed denim and also in a different PDO Spring Trends vlog.

* Accessories:  Gucci shades, F21 bangle, Aldo leather cuff, BCBG ‘Picses’ beaded bracelet, Suzy Shier leather strap & F21 bangle.

Happy Thursday!

I’m so excited to share with you guys that I finally welcomed myself to 2013 by getting an Inernet connection for home. 

I know.

Since moving to my apartment in October 2011, I’ve pirated a connection and when that ran out, I started tethering my iPhone to my laptop for about a year.  Unfortunately, this stopped working many months ago (not sure why).  I’ve found ways around it, but it’s certainly not ideal and I had researched getting Internet at home a while back, but the set up and modem and whatever else you need was pricey and I didn’t want to bite the bullet (what?! Weirdo.).  Anyways, it’s done and I’m hooked up and I’m just so, so excited.  Seems weird for someone who is as in love with social media as I, but there you have it.

On top of that, this was one of the rare days I did not have a commute shoe (or boot, for winter).  I normally wear flats into work and then change into my heels, but on this day, I wore my heels everywhere (to and from work and for a stop in at the grocery store.  Booyah).  Granted, these are a wedge and wedges that are comfortable to walk in and my foot stays put.  I used to wear heels everywhere, even for shopping, but now I cannot be bothered (which makes me feel a little sad and like I’m ‘letting myself go’, but then I remember that I can’t be bothered).  It is a rare day if I’m out running errands in heels; I just love being comfortable, especially in my footwear. 

This is as close as I’m getting to the chambray trend because I. Don’t. Like. It.  Okay fine, it’s growing on me.  Truth is, I purchased a chambray button down almost four years ago when the trend trickled into stores, wore it once, tried dying it darker, it didn’t work out and I donated it.  Since then, I’ve been off the bandwagon and the trend has only been growing.  I know, I know, ‘You can pair it with everything!‘ but it’s not for me.

Watch me bite my tongue in a month.


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