Toronto Fashion Week Recap: iPhone Snaps {Day 2}

Day two (Friday) of Toronto Fashion Week was such a fun day and since we didn’t have to be at Fashion Week until 5pm (and we weren’t getting our hair and make-up done this time around), we had time to explore the city a little bit.

Again this post will be a little photo heavy so click the link below to see more pictures after the jump.

(Pssst, see Fashion Week Day 1 HERE).

For our second day in Toronto, we woke up a bit earlier and decided to go hunt for some breakfast elsewhere than the diner at our hotel.  We walked around for about half an hour, found nothing, and headed back to where else?  The diner at our hotel for breakfast.  I decided to order something a bit healthier than the day before and went with an egg-white omelet with smoked salmon and asparagus.

(Check out who is behind us in the background!)

After breakfast, we decided to take a taxi to the CN Tower and play real tourists.  We were surprised it was quite pricey to go up at $32/person, but Sarah made the call and I was so excited as I had never been!

The view was spectacular and although it was a frigid day, it was sunny and clear which made it even better and I was able to take some beautiful photos.

We couldn’t resist visiting the infamous glass floor and almost immediately a nice man with his family offered to take our photo so we could get some shots together.  This one turned out best although you can’t see below; it’s either one or the other, you see us, or you see the ground below and we are shadowed out.

From there we walked about 2km to the Eaton Centre and did some shopping and I scored a few bikini pieces from Victoria’s Secret (this bikini to be exact).  I wore my new snow leopard pants from H&M although I had packed leather-look leggings for this outfit.

Then we walked about 2km back to the tents to catch our third and final fashion show, Thomas Balint.  Since we had to check out of our hotel at noon, it was too inconvenient to go back to the hotel, get our bags from the front desk who were holding them, go up to the gym change-room to change and head back out.  We made a game-time decision to just attend the show in what we were already wearing.  It wasn’t what I had packed to wear, but it worked.

The show was dark and sinister with somewhat creepy music, and the clothes were mainly for the boys.  It was very interesting but highly different from the upbeat shows we’d seen the day before.

After the show (which lasted about 15 minutes) we Googled restaurants close by as we. were. starving.  We ended up finding a restaurant called the Canyon Creek Chophouse which looked appetizing and the reviews read well.  We walked less than a kilometre to get there and were not disappointed.  The food was amazing and the service excellent.  They brought out the most delicious home-made baguette loaf to start with a sweet butter which just made the experience even better.  We had spicy Ceasars and a great meal.  I met the owner on the way to the bathroom (in an attempt to find the bathroom) and he ended up visiting our table later.  Him and Sarah bonded over their love for Barbados (he is Bajan) and he ended up sending over dessert on him later–so nice!

Then it was back to our hotel via taxi as we’d already walked about 6km’s that day, to hang out and wait for our chauffeur to arrive to take us to the airport for 8:30pm.  We jumped on our flight and were home shortly thereafter.

Thank you Maybelline for such a great trip and wonderful experience!  We will never forget it.


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