Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

So much happened this weekend and I wanted to blog on the weekend but I don’t have an Internet connection at home anymore (tethering isn’t working; so frustrating) and blogging from my phone is not ideal.  I have so much more to share (specifically pictures from my photoshoot on Saturday, the actual contest that the photoshoot is for and more pictures of our hike yesterday).  Here is a glimpse of what my weekend was like…

A casual outfit for getting a (spray) tan.  The quote on the mirror say, ‘Let your faith be bigger than your fear’.  They always write sweet & inspiring quotes on the mirrors at the tanning salon I go to, which sometimes brightens my day.

Outfit deets:  Dynamite jacket, Max Studio light-knit sweater, Garage tank underneath, Mossimo pants & Aldo wedge boots.

 Stuffed chicken–feta, cheddar, basil & pesto–with a basil-cream sauce, asparagus and roasted potatos.

 My dinner guests brought a sweet surprise:  peanut butter cookies with chocolate stamped centres.

I added a banana to my oatmeal for the first time as per recommendation of a friend, but I didn’t like it.  Back to berries!

Showing off the poster I’m on at the mall!  So exciting to see the results of last week’s photoshoot come to life.

Saturday I did part two of the photoshoot for Place d’Orleans, which was fun.  I really loved this Coachella-inspired look (especially the denim vest; which makes me even more excited to wear mine!).

Coming home to a clean apartment is so nice (that’s what happens when you’re having company, you clean like a mad women.  This does not include the looming six loads of laundry waiting for me tonight.  #ugh).

I wore my new maxi dress to a Jesus-themed birthday party on Saturday night.  I made a leaf crown (see below), wore gold jewelery, cage heels & decided I was Eve.

Sidenote:  I sewed the hemline a little too long so even with my highest heels, it’s not quite right.  I will be shortening it a bit, but since I didn’t have time before the party, I simply knotted it off to the side at the front.

I threw in my extensions and did a bubble braid off to the side.  I loved how this turned out and plan to wear this a ton this summer.

Even though I’m kind of off gluten right now (more on that later this week), I can not resist a good burger.  You guys know I love burgers!

After the birthday dinner, as we were leaving, I met Melissa, a reader of my blog!  It was so exciting as it was the first time anyone ‘recognized’ me; so cool.  Thanks for making my night, M!

On Sunday, I went for my first hike ever at Luskville Falls.  It was a very difficult hike and a great workout, although scary at times since it was so steep.

 The view from almost the top; so beautiful and picturesque!

 Taking a break on the way down (which might have been scarier than going up, I’m still undecided.

Another burger (I know! Eep!) but definitely earned after two hours of hiking.  #thatisnotmypoutine


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