Currently Loving: Strappy Heels

I’m currently obsessed with strappy heels.  I’m on the hunt for a black pair to ‘complete’ my collection for this summer; but then again, is a shoe collection ever complete?

I love my Zara sandals that I bought online about a month ago.  Normally I try to give all my shoes a fair shot and rotate through them the best I can–we all have favourites, right?–but these ones are getting worn multiple times per week.  They have become my go-to and since they are nude, and I’m wearing them so much, I’m worried they are going to get scuzy looking quick. I was debating ordering another pair until I saw they are sold out in my size. 

The other strappy ones I recently acquired are the neon lime Prabal Gurung (for Target) heels.  They aren’t nearly as comfortable as the Zara ones but I love the look and pop of colour.  I am beginning to understand the common complaint of the ankle strap coming undone sometimes while you walk but Kelly shared an awesome tip which is to move the leather loop over the buckle closure to keep it closed and secure.  Genius!

I’m finding every morning, when I get dressed, I look at my shoes and am instantly drawn towards these two, mentaly debating if they work with my outfit.  They usually do, and so I wear them, again and again and again.  Although up until a month ago, my other shoes seemed fine, now they feel dated to me and I will barely look at anything with a platform or chunky wedge.  Strange how quickly the tides change, right?  I’m sure I’ll re-love my other shoes again, but for now, strappy heel kick it is.


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