The easiest chicken dinner you will ever make.

Last night I was on a sewing mission and I knew it was going to take me all night so I needed something quick, easy and healthy for dinner to fuel me in between pinning and stitching.  Enter this amazingly easy and delicious dish that I made up spur of the moment.


* 1 Chicken breast (or more if you’re feeding others);

* Your favourite veggies, sliced; I did mushrooms & zuchinni because I had it on hand.


1.  Pre-heat over to 350C

2.  Pour a quarter size amount of coconut oil in your cooking dish

3.  Sprinkle with pepper

4.  Add your veggies around the perimeter

5.  Spread some grainy dijon mustard on your chicken

6.  Place the chicken in the centre

7.  Cook for 30 minutes & devour


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