Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

This past weekend was an extra long weekend for me; I took Friday off for our second-annual girls’ pool party, but unfortunately it got rained out.  Monday was Canada Day, making it a four-day weekend and a lot of fun was had…

So instead of a pool party, I went for a manicure with my girl friend in the afternoon…

I’m not sure what colour this is, but it’s by Colour Club and so bright and awesome.

…but not before we met up with some of the other girl’s for brunch.  We went to Eggstyle which was slightly pricier but quite good.  I went for something healthier than I normally do for breakfast out to try and kick off the weekend right.  I’ve been extra diligent over the past two weeks with my diet (save the weekends, unfortunately) and have incorporated a lot of protein.  Should I do a post on that?  (Might be a little too soon).

After manicures, shopping ensued and I picked up these two damask-style baskets from Winners ($13 each) to hold my pashminas.  

I showed you how I changed up my storage for those back in February but alas it was taking up too much space.  I need all the storage solutions I can get for my small apartment and this is perfect because it’s easily accessible–at the front door–but also hidden underneath my make-shift bench (two dining room chairs with a faux fur throw on them) and still fits in with the decor.

Friday night I had two glasses of wine and that was it.  I haven’t had red wine in a while and this hit me  hard.  All in good fun though.

Burgers are one of my favourite meals and my bf made us a great dinner on Friday night (to go along with that wine, ha!).

Afterwards, I spent some time getting acquainted with my new toy: my MacBook Pro!  There is a definite learning curve going from a PC to a Mac, but I’m getting there.  Thanks for all your tips and tricks you offered on my post a couple weeks back, it’s been helpful!


Outfit deets:  Dynamite jacket, Smart Set top, DIY cut-off denim (the old ones), Ardene cap-toe leopard flats & Urban Expressions Bag.

I hit the mall to finish my shopping for my upcoming Place d’Orleans vlog.  The theme revolves around  certain summer events and it was tricky because everything is on sale!  Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but I want to ensure I am buying things that you can go to the mall and purchase (for all you girls in town, that is).  If I’m buying the last of the item and it’s on sale, how will anyone else be able to get it too?  Exactly.

Anyways, I spent several hours shopping and am very proud of the success I had.  I got so many great items from a huge variety of stores and can’t wait to share.  Look for that video mid-month (I’m currently in the process of editing it; oh the labour of love!).

Saturday night Sarah and I went out dancing, which was a blast.  I wore my new kicks since it was a hip-hop club we were going to and since I’d been before, comfort was key in order to cut a rug.

Outfit deets:  Seduction top (old), Almost Famous cut-offs (new!) & Material Girl hi-tops.

Sunday morning date:  breakfast out with my boo.  

I opted for another healthier breakfast (no bacon!) and ate only half my toast.


Outfit deets:  Giant Tiger skirt worn as a top (so old, like 15 years old, you guys #nojoke), Sirens maxi skirt with slit & Spring gladiators (old).

Afterwards, I spent the entire afternoon filming all those purchases up there.  It took me about four hours to film and it was tiring, but I’m really please with the footage I got.  Filming on your own is really tough and would have taken me half the time if I had someone helping, but, it’s just me and my trusty tripod.  Regardless, I’m really excited to share this one with you because I’ve put so much work into it already (and it’s not even edited yet!).

Outfit deets:  Reitman’s top, Almost Famous cut-offs, (customized; stay tuned for the video to see this part) Payless/American Eagle sandals & Ardene clutch/cross-body (seen HERE at Rib Fest last weekend).

Adorable new heart sunnies from Claire’s.

After filming, I ran out to the grocery store to stock up for dinner and the coming days since everything is closed on Canada Day.  I couldn’t pass up this neon jewelled necklace from Joe Fresh, at 50% off it was only $7 and I’m big into statement necklaces right now.

Home-made burgers (gluten free) with non-home-made caesar salad (and lots of mustard!).

On Monday morning I made gluten-free protein crepes with blueberries and they turned out pretty good.  I’d definitely make them again.  I’ll share the recipe later this week.

Canada Day was spent poolside at my bff’s place with our friends.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to take that dress off and expose the swimsuit underneath because it was a little chilly, but a fun day nonetheless.

Outfit deets:  Seduction dress (old) & Claire’s sunnies.

Hope you had a great weekend & Canada Day too, if you’re Canadian!


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