Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Friday outfit for work, dinner & running errands (good thing I wore flats!).

Outfit deets:  W118 by Walter Baker top & Skirt, Ardene flats, Sirens necklace & Joe Fresh and F21 bangles.

On Friday night, I met my family for dinner at Score’s.  If you’re not familiar with the chain, it’s a soup-salad bar restaurant with main courses to order.  This was my helping from the salad bar: cucumbers, cottage cheese, beats & mushrooms.

Saturday was the day my Mom & I threw my little sister a baby shower.  I wore my new dress from Forever 21 & a necklace from The Bay.

We worked so hard to put together a beautiful (pinterest-inspired) table-scape for the party.  The invitation (seen above in the frame) was in chocolate brown and green so we colour coordinated in those shades.  We used green/white polka dot napkins, ribbons & balloons along with plain green cups and plates.  We tied ribbon the sweets cups (which were filled with green jube-jubes & chocolate covered almonds) and used a green table cloth which worked perfectly with my Mom’s chocolate brown curtains in behind the table.  The diaper cake was my Mom’s creation and in the same colours and turned out great.  We topped the cupcakes with little green/white polka dot butterfly scrapbook shapes that we stuck onto toothpicks.  And of course the watermelon carriage filled with fruit and a nectarine with a face drawn on it to resemble a baby.

My sister is due on July 24th but (did you know) is already full term.  It could be any day that I get to meet my (first!) nephew.

Saturday night I went to a cottage (party) which was totally impromptu and last minute.  I honestly just wanted to have a quiet evening, but my boyfriend convinced me this was going to be a ton of fun…and it was.  Can you believe this is the only picture I captured of the evening?  Haha, it was that much fun.

The next day we left just before noon to head back to the city.

Outfit deets (hardly worthy):  Maison Scotch tee, Joshua Perets pants & American Eagle for Payless flip flops.

My man convinced me to hit the gym on Sunday evening (after a incredibly needed nap, which was unfortunate because I slept away a beautiful day #wahwah) which ended up being a really great workout.

We were starving after so grabbed protein shakes at the gym and take-out on the way home.  I had a chicken ceasar salad with half dressing and omitted the croutons.



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