A.Co Designs: Maternity Maxi Dress (for my Sister)

This is the maternity maxi dress I made for my sister for her baby shower.  Clearly it has been cinched and clamped at the back in the photo above as I don’t have a maternity mannequin, but you can see how it looked on her in the photo below.

We went to the fabric store several months ago to pick out some thick jersey.  She choose this pretty blue colour–and ironically she’s having a boy–and I took it home.  I didn’t start the dress until the Monday before the Saturday shower.  Halfway through the evening, I texted her in a bit of a panic as I realized making a maxi with no pattern–just a maxi she already has as a guide–and none of her measurements wasn’t really going to work.  She came over half an hour later and proceeded to put it on and take it off several times as I made adjustments here and there.  Good thing she did because the top part (I sewed the top and skirt seperate and then attached them) was looking a little Star Trek-ish until I ruched up the shoulers.

After she left, I sewed the skirt, attached it to the top and did the hem.  The dress turned out beautifully despite being a little longer in the torso than expected (my sister ended up belting the dress to solve that problem, which really worked out) and I was so proud.  I dropped the dress off the morning of the shower and saw her a couple laters in it when she arrived.  It is my best piece to date as despite creating a maxi dress for myself a few months ago, this was different as it was (a) a maternity style, and (b) had ‘straps’.  I’m hoping she will still be able to wear it after the baby is born.

Me & my sis playing the, ‘Guess how big the baby belly is with a ribbon-game’.

I took pictures of my sister at the shower, outside, by herself but sadly–and I’m pretty upset over this–the pictures were somehow erased off my SD card.  I’m trying to recover them but think it may be a lost cause.  If I’m able to recover them I will definitely add them to this post at a later date and let you know.


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