Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Friday night was a bit of a mish-mash night.  I got home from work and ended up taking a nap.  I ended up meeting Marco at the gym around 7:30pm for a great workout and got a (spray) tan afterwards.  Then we went to Montana’s for a super late dinner, but it was delicious.  I asked for the steak with veggies but our server came back shortly thereafter and told us they were out of vegetables–what?!–so I opted for the loaded baked potato.  Naturally.

Saturday afternoon post-workout for shopping.

Outfit deets:  Mexx top, Winners leggings, Aldo boots (my newly modified ones–yay!) & purse.


Fall is in the air….and on the leaves of trees.

Saturday evening turned into an impromptu shawarma date & later two movies (Argo & Parker).

I hit the gym–again–on Sunday morning and did cardio for 35 minutes while catching up on my YouTube.  My butt was burnin‘ by the end of it but better than just sitting on my  butt watching YouTube instead.

Post-workout breakfast at the Arrow & Loon; we sat on the patio too which was so nice–minus the wasps–as there won’t be too many of those opportunities much longer.

I spend Sunday afternoon doing laundry and cleaning my apartment.  I made a kale, tomato & avocado salad for a make-shift dinner and several healthy snacks afterwards to tide me over till bed time.


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