Am I relatable?

When I started this blog it was a fashion blog and over the years–almost four, to be exact–it has turned into more of a lifestyle blog.  I like sharing things on here like my weekend recaps and the like, and have recently gotten really into YouTube–not that it wasn’t obvious–which is a great extension of my blog.  All that said, despite the changes in direction, the one that has always remained the same is my goal to be relatable.

Am I?

When I write and post pictures, it’s in an effort to share with you the daily, or weekly happenings in my life.  Some weekends are more exciting than others, but most weekends seem more exciting than they actually are.  Don’t get me wrong, I have great things in my life, like everyone, if you… what is it they say, count your blessings?  I just think reading through the pages of someone else’s life/blog can sometimes come off as so exciting when really, it’s just bacon & eggs at a bar & grill.

I can absolutely say that yes, there are some things that have happened to me in the past year or so that have been extra awesome; Vegas, becoming the Place d’Orleans Fashion Vlogger, modelling for PDO’s Christmas campaign–which, btw, was my first time modelling for realz–and again in the Spring for a Pinterest contest, going to Mexico for my birthday and so on.  That said though, these are things that still kind of blow my mind and make me blink twice thinking, ‘Uh, did this just happen?’

Then of course, there are the things that are so normal, the every day stuff that most of you don’t see, or know about.  I go to work, Monday through Friday and yeah, it’s okay.  I live in a very small apartment and use a shop vac as my vacuum–I’m serious.  If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I’ve been through a difficult hardship–and if you don’t, you can check my About Me section, it’s easy to figure it out.  I drive a nice car now, but drove a crappy car for 10 years–and am also paying out the ass for this very nice car.  Don’t get me started on filling up my gas tank #alwaysonempty. 

I have insecurities, bad hair days and still don’t fully know how to match my foundation and set my concealer.  I never really want to go to the gym, don’t like cooking that much and never make my bed.  All very, very ordinary things.  Shall I go on?

I just really want, for when anyone comes here, to my space, my blog, to feel comfortable, happy and enjoy the ‘experience’.  I love reading blogs, but I hate getting those envious feelings about others.  Ugh.  Makes me angry with myself because we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, we only see the highlight reel.  So let me know, in the comments section below, what would make my site more relatable?  What would make me more relatable?  Is there anything you’d like to see–how about me without make-up? #yikes–that I haven’t already shared?  Post it down below and let’s chat about it.

PS – That couch I’m sitting on up there is eight years old and the MacBook put a dent in my savings.


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