Around My Apartment

I have been wanting to film an apartment tour but the honest to goodness truth is that I’m pretty messy and this place is so small it gets messy fast.  So, in the mean time, I thought I would share a few photos I took around my place to share some of the details, if you’d like to see…

This sequin top is from Forever 21, last year, and I’ve worn it with denim to a party, and dressed down with black skinnies for work.  As it’s pretty and delicate, I like to keep it on display in my bedroom, hanging outside my closet–plus it would likely get ruined being smushed between the other clothes.

I created a bed-side table out of three boxes; the bottom is an ‘gator embossed box my sister gave me for my birthday one year and the other two are animal hair covered and from Home Sense.

The two picture frames are housing some black-and-white polka dot scarves I managed to flatten down.  It was meant to be a quick fix for empty frames until I had time to choose and get pictures printed and it’s now been over a year.  Pfffft.

The chandelier lamp is vintage and belonged to my grandparents.  I have a matching one that sits in my front foyer on a small table.

I keep two large jars with lids to the left of the night stand that hold black, white, and turquoise pashminas as they kind of work with my grey/black/white bedroom colours.

The art on the right hand side is a favourite mainly because of the metallic and texture. This piece is displayed on the wall as you enter into my bedroom.  While I wanted something over my bed, this didn’t really fit and I love the idea of putting a big statement piece somewhere unexpected.

I keep my clutches together and the majority in the brown basket on the left at the top (not really shown).  The overspill is what you’re seeing and I love having my Asos feather clutch on display because it’s so feminine and works with the colours of the room.  Additionally, I don’t use it a ton so it’s nice to have it out in the open as some sort of decor.  And if I can add one more thing, when you’re in a space as small as mine, a lot of things become ‘decor’ (ha).

My living room furniture is old, but the pillows are new.  I got these two from Home Sense a couple months ago and shared them in a Home Decor Haul.  I meant to buy just the one at the back as it was on sale for $15, but then the one at the front was so nice too, I grabbed it.  They look great together despite the fact that I have far too many pillows in general.

Across from the chair–and another chair in leather that’s beside it, which you didn’t see–is my couch and another end table.  The lamp is a recent purchase which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it last Spring.  I scooped it up for $40 at Home Sense and it works perfectly in the space.  

See a full shot of the living room HERE.

The boots are from Aldo and a couple years old and they are actually on display in my bedroom, but the colours worked to share it beside the living room furniture.

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