Before & After (pair #2): Shortening Wedge Boots

Aldo, ‘Minzy’

(old & no longer available)

Oh happy day!  The second pair of boots I had lowered / shortened are finally home with me.  If you’re new to this story, you can see .

I had a couple complications with these boots, but I’m really pleased with the end result.  These are boots I’ve had in my closet for 3+ years and had kind of forgotten about because the wedge on them was so massive; and I mean that in a height and unsturdy kind of way (but mainly height).  I had worn them a couple times and then stored them under the, ‘These-make-me-6’6-so-I’m-not-wearing-them-anymore’ category.  Now, after shaving off almost two inches, I can wear this more comfortably!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any quality before pictures but I have a few that I snapped while at the shoe repair as he was sawing off one of the wedges.  Better than nothing, thought, right?  Right!  Proceed!



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