DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

With Halloween approaching, I wanted to share some cool DIY costumes I’ve come up with.  I will be featuring three different costumes this week and Minnie Mouse is the first!

I have wanted to be Minnie Mouse for a couple of years but never made it happen…until now  This was the perfect opportunity to experiment with making my own costume.  While I actually do own Minnie ears–a treat I convinced my Mom I needed when I was 5 years old visiting Disney World–I’ve come up with a super simple way to make your own (and are much more comfortable, to be honest).

Additionally, since I didn’t have a red-and-white polka dot top, I made one by cutting out white circles of paper and taping them to my top!

You will need:

* Construction paper (black only, as it turns out)

* A headband

* 3 Red pipe-cleaners

* Glue gun

1.  Trace out two large ‘ears’ from black construction paper.  I used a soup bowl.

2.  Leave a fold-able section at the bottom when you cut your circles; this will be to fold under your headband.

3.  I cut an extra rectangular piece out and taped it to the top of the exposed headband for a cleaner look.

4.  Using three pipe-cleaners, make two triangles and attach them by wrapping the third one around to create a centre piece to your bow.

Get the look at Place d’Orleans:

Faux leather skirt | Ardene

* Supplies | Dollarama

* Top | find simlar at Jacob

* Opaque tights | The Bay

Stay tuned for two more very different DIY Halloween costumes coming this Wednesday and Friday!

* This post is sponsored by Place d’Orleans, the mall I vlog for.  As always, thanks for reading & for supporting my sponsors!  Be sure to check out the Place d’Orleans Facebook page for more information & promotions happening within the mall.


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