My Apologies

Earlier today I posted a blog post as part of my ongoing Halloween costume ideas series that some found offensive and/or inappropriate. I am very regretful that I’ve offended my loyal readers and others who came across the post.

I hope you understand that I did not mean to offend anyone and posted the idea with nothing but respect and good will towards people of Native descent. I received a number of complaints via comments and other social media posts and understand that it may not have come across as such.

Blogging is very much a learning opportunity and I promise I have learned from this experience. I do hope you’ll forgive me and continue supporting and reading my blog.

I very much value my relationship with Place d’Orleans, who sponsors a number of my posts. I am fortunate the mall grants me creative control over my content and we both apologize for the oversight.

Thank you for your feedback and concern and I assure you I feel awful about this situation. I welcome any further comments or concerns through email


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