A Look Back at October

October please don’t go.


The longest month is gone and it leaves me dreading what comes next: cold, snow, and more cold.  

While I will get in the Christmas spirit sooner rather than later, I can’t help but feel a bit depressed at the long cold winter we have ahead of us.  While I am grateful I live in Canada, I yearn for a warmer climate year ’round.

Enough whining, on to the recap!

In October I took the best photos of myself yet (thank you beginner photography class and 45 minutes of free time), I got a pair of boots lowered and I hosted the #MYVIPNIGHT at Place d’Orleans.  I visited Kingston with my boo, had a second pair of boots lowered and swooned over my almost-three-month-old nephew.  I wore shorts one weekend because it was so mild, celebrated Thanksgiving with family (and filmed a vlog that weekend) and went to the gym every weekend on Saturday and Sunday.  

I enjoyed the beautiful colour of leaves–or at least stood in them and looked down–and swooned over (which I ended up purchasing the other day!), and did some shopping for my most recent video on Colour Pairings.

I went out for breakfast a few times, shared a Minnie Mouse DIY Halloween costume, had a great lunch at Chuck’s and purchased the last Phillip Lim for Target bag (eep!).


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