Are you new to YouTube?

I have been on YouTube for just over a year with my Place d’Orleans gig and my own channel, but only in the past six months or so have I really started catching up with my channel.  Since I don’t have a tv, YouTube has become a bit source of entertainment.  I subscribe to numerous fashion, beauty and daily vloggers and after a long day, love getting into bed with my iPad to catch up with them.

If you’re new to YouTube, and thought it was only a source for viewing hilarious cat videos, you’re missing out–that said, those cat videos are hilarious.

YouTube offers a free platform to learn about new ways to do your hair, apply make-up, and see how others wear a certain trend.  Not sure how to wear faux leather leggings?  YouTube it!  Want to learn how to throw a bridal shower Pinterest-style?  YouTube it!  I could go on and on.

So with that said, I recently created a channel trailer, similar to what you would see as a teaser to a movie, here’s a glimpse into what my channel is all about.

Thanks for watching! xo


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