Biker Boots

Outfit deets:

* Jacob sweater which has become a fast favourite since I got it back in August–they still have it, btw–and you’ve seen it in my Back to School video,  on the weekend for date night and another night with friends & I also recently picked it up in off-white because I love it that much (and there was a 25% off promo).

* Urban Planet leggings which are very much like dancer leggings, they’re shiny and I was a little uncertain about them at first but now they’ve become my go-to, aside from my faux leather ones.

* Aldo ‘Burkinafaso’ boots.

Thursday already?  Awesome.  This week has flown by, apparently, only known by the fact that it’s Thursday.  

I’ve been staying up late and sticking to the sheets every morning–a horrible routine to get into.  On top of that, it seems I’ve lost all motivation to hit the gym when last week I did seven days in a row!  Wah.  I’ve managed to go four times (including Saturday & Sunday) but once was yoga and does that really count?  I recently started adding yoga to my fitness routine and I’m still unsure about it.  I’ve been very anti-yoga for many years as I’ve never really enjoyed it but, if it’s getting me to the gym with less groaning, I guess it’s better than nothing and at least I’m moving my body.

Only a few days left to vote for me in the Dynamite model contest & the MiB Canadian Blog Awards.  I’d be so thankful if you could click those vote buttons for me (thank you!).


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