A Quick Hello

I’m back from Tremblant and have so much to share, in the form of weekend snaps & a video–which needs to be edited together–but between unwinding, getting Chinese take-out, editing my next PDO video and setting up my new iPhone (life so hard, I know), I’m pooped. Mainly from editing for five hours straight, but I’m not complaining, just explaining. 

All that to say, just a quick hello and I’ll be back tomorrow with a full recap from my weekend! 

As always, thank you for reading & coming to check out my little corner of the Internet. Your visits, comments, likes, tweets & more make my day. Keep up with me on Twitter (@acoest1984) for instant updates–and random, useless thoughts–on the go. 

Outfit deets: Joe Fresh turtleneck (new!), Walmart long sleeved tunic, Sirens leggings, Ardène socks & Spring headband (new!). 


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