Have you ever re-gifted something?

The holiday season is upon us and I asked you all on Facebook if you had any topics to suggest for the next LCW (Let’s Chat Wednesday–thanks Kate) and someone suggested holidays traditions and re-gifting.  So without further adieu…

I think I might have re-gifted something once or twice, but I don’t tend to make it a habit.  Additionally, if I’m going to re-gift something, I’m going to add another item to beef up my gift, so to speak.

One thing I love re-gifting for though is a hostess gift.  If someone gave you something like a spa kit, a bottle of wine, or something for the home that isn’t necessarily your taste, I would see nothing wrong with passing that brand new item onto someone who will truly love it.  Additionally, a hostess gift is not a gift you had to give, but a nice gesture.

Thoughts on re-gifting?  Would you?


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