How to make an inexpensive charcuterie plate.

The other night I went to a Secret Santa party with friends and needed to whip up a quick appetizer, as the party started soon after work ended.  I’m going to show you how to create this plate for under $22 (including the dishes!).

What you need:

Food Basics

* Whole wheat naan bread (5 pieces) | $1.99

* Prosciutto | $5.00

* Olives | $1.99

* Artichoke & Asiago dip | $3.49

* Roasted Red Pepper hummus | $3.49


* Cutting board | $3

* 3 small dishes | $2

Putting it together:

1.  Chop your naan bread into pie-like pieces, the smaller the better as it will go further and no one likes  a huge piece of bread (no double dipping allowed!).

2.  Take out your proscuitto and roll it up individually so it’s easy to grab.

3.  Instead of using the containers the dip come in, I like to spoon the dip into small ramekins; it looks prettier and like you spent way more time–hey, did you make that dip?–you get my point.

4.  Put the olives in a bowl.

5.  Set it up with bread on one side, meat on the other and your dishes separating the two for a stylish take on food.  Prepare for tons of compliments.

You could add cheese if you wanted, I was trying to keep the cost down though.  The best part is you can leave the cutting board and dishes at the party as hostess gifts, if you wanted–they will love it and it only cost you a mere $5 bucks.

Happy partying!


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