Weekend+ Recap: iPhone Snaps

Since I fell that’s turned into a cold–that is still kind of holding on–I missed the weekend before lasts’ iPhone Snaps, but that’s because I pretty much spent it in bed watching YouTube and being bored.  I’ve compiled a bunch of photos I took over the course of the last few weeks so we’ll call this a Weekend+ Recap since it’s more than this last weekend.  

Since there’s so many photos, I’ll put the majority after the jump if you’d like to see…

My goal was to have long nails for Christmas–mission accomplished!  I’m so proud because I’m a chronic nail biter so this was tough but makes me so happy.

Nail colour:  N.Y.C. (not sure the colour name)

I met a girl in my apartment building one evening before I got sick in the elevator.  We were both wearing headbands and I complimented  her on hers and she offered to make me one!  A few days later I found this beauty on my door handle.

Pho, one evening in Chinatown.

Outfit deets:  Bench jacket, Club Monaco scarf (old), Walmart leggings, Jacob leg warmers, Spring boots, F21 cross-body and Jules & James hat and mitts.

More photos after the jump…

Breakfast at our favourite spot–I eat all that toast now, for the record, but have swapped out my bacon for tomato slices.

Marco’s company Christmas party–the tables were labeled by ‘be…’ (snowy, sparkly, etc).  It was so well done, an amazing dinner with a murder mystery show.  It was so entertaining and a first for me.

My outfit for the night (I forgot to take off that damn name-tag for the picture #wahwah)

Outfit deets:  Le Cheateau dress (new!), Report Signature heels (old; see close-up HERE), Swarovski bangle & Aldo clutch (old).

My mini tree and gifts for others.

Operation long-nail progress.

Nail colour:  OPI ‘Don’t know, beets me’

Filipino Christmas desserts.

My sweet stocking from Marco.

Christmas day checking out the on our way back to Ottawa.

I stopped in at Sarah‘s house on Christmas to feed the cats and couldn’t resist snapping a photo with d’Brickashaw–hello blue eyes!

Silly Christmas shenanigans with those paper crowns that come in the crack-ers.

I had to include this photo of my parents, it just makes me laugh.  My Dad made some silly glasses out of bendable-reuseable rubber cords.

My sweet nephew hugging the stuffed elephant I gave him (look at that grip–he’s not even 5 months old).

My love & I on Christmas.

Bagel BELT & steeped tea from Tim Hortons–sweet ‘indulgence’ during the holidays.  I grabbed this before shopping in the early afternoon on Boxing Day.  I lasted a full two hours at the mall before feeling completely worn out (still sick) and had to go home and lie down for several hours.

Outfit deets:  Smart Set sweater (Christmas gift), Urban Planet leggings, Rampage boots & F21 cross-body bag.

A casual Boxing Day dinner at my parent’s house for leftovers.  Love this little girl so much; she just turned 14!  We took a similar picture last year on the same day.

Nail colour:  Essie, ‘Wicked’  (Christmas gift)

Winter wonderland in Ottawa

I spent Friday resting, with this little girl, Eve.  I grabbed some groceries in the evening and had a movie night with my man.  It was definitely needed with all the excitement and go-go-go-ness of Christmas, to kick the last bit of my cold.

Marco’s signature dish:  Potato Indian curry.

Marco convinced me to go snowboarding on Saturday with him and a friend.  We went to Camp Fortune on the Quebec side and had a really great day with nice weather.

Breakfast always tastes better when someone else makes it…right?

Simple everyday make-up where the light seemed to hit me just right for this pic 😛

Sarah and I are doing our gift exchange today and these are for her.

Sunday night cinnamon bun making…what can I say?  I saw a pic on the ‘gram, it sparked a craving and I got busy in the kitchen.  Boom! 800 calories consumed.  #ugh


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