My Best Friend’s Baby Shower | The Details

I threw my best friend a baby shower last weekend and I wanted to share some of the details with you.

I started planning in November, and began with designing an invite.  Since Sarah is having a boy, and loves grey, I chose the colour scheme of grey and turquoise.  From there I kept the theme cohesive by using the polka dots and the picture of the stylish, pregnant stick woman–a perfect emulation of Sarah.

I wanted everything to look very Pinterest, as Sarah had pinned and mentioned several things she liked in conversation of the course of several months.  As she is very creative–hello weekly chalkboard preggo pics–I wanted to do her proud and really focus on small details that make a big impact.

I’d love to share some photos with you if you’d like to see…

Since Sarah doesn’t like cake, I special ordered 24 mini pies from Life of Pie in Ottawa in her favourites: strawberry-rhubarb, blueberry & pecan.  I displayed them on a cake stand and stuck in little toothpick decorations I made.

More pictures after the jump…

I made the BLAKE banner with Ribbet–an online photo editor I like–and then strung with some silver ribbon.

The veggie & dip cups looked cute but next time I would use shorter cups as people mentioned it was hard to get the dip at the bottom.  A friend helped with the majority of the food and her cold veggie pizza on the other hand, a huge hit.

We set up a small drink bar on the counter with Italian sodas and bottled water.  I thought we would do something different than the usual punch and these sodas seemed to be a hit.  I wanted to do labels for the bottles of water but simply ran out of time.

Sarah had mentioned a while back about seeing nail polish given as favours so of course I had to hook it up.  I went with N.Y.C. polishes in teal, silver, clear and nude, wrapped with a tag I made and turquoise ribbon.  I lined them up on a silver tray that normally sits on my coffee table and guests took one as they left.


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