Close to Empty Tank

I’m running on a close-to-empty tank.  I’ve been go go go for a couple weeks now, barely stopping to take a breath.  While I love being busy, and almost wanted this, I’m having a hard time getting a breath in edge wise.

Between my two jobs at work, Styling clients in the evening and weekend, maintaining my blog and YouTube channel, the closet sale, shooting for upcoming posts and another feature with Clearly Contacts, and trying to purge and pack for an impending move that is happening in just over two weeks–omg–it’s difficult to squeeze much else in, like cooking, hitting the gym and seeing friends.  1am bedtimes and 7am wake-up calls don’t help much #getsomesleepamanda

I know I didn’t put a post up yesterday, but after spending the evening furniture shopping and packing, I didn’t have it in me to edit photos and write.

The good news is, most of the things going on are positive, exciting things–I get to pack up this place and move to an even better place.  I get to help people get dressed and shop and get paid for it.   I get to make a little extra money selling off some clothes I’m not feeling anymore.  It’s all good, it’s just time consuming and consuming all of me at the moment.

My weekend plans include packing, bringing some things over to the new place, a birthday celebration for a friend, more packing and hopefully a couple gym sessions to blow off some steam, if even for an hour.  Oh, and I gave myself a spray tan & washed my hair–reluctantly–last night; small indulgences to lift spirits for the weekend.  Whatever it takes, right?

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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