Life Update: I’m Moving

I’m so excited to share with you all that I’m moving!  No, my condo is not ready yet–more on that later–but I’m moving to a bigger, and better space and am so excited.  I have been in my small, one-bedroom apartment for two and a half years now, and while I never planned to stay that long and have been frequently frustrated over the lack of dishwasher and in-unit laundry, I have really loved living here.  I’m not so much as sad to leave, but it will be a transition for sure.

That said, things have happened a lot quicker than expected, but a wise friend said that when things fall into place as they are, with no hiccups, it’s meant to be, and this case is no exception.

The search for a new place to live started several weeks ago, and I saw many places.  When I saw this place, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days and almost two weeks later, it was a done deal!  The move in date is on March 15th (my birthday!) but the keys have already been handed over, and the place is vacant so it will be a gradual move over the next few weeks and then one big moving day for the larger items.

I have been busy adding more items to my closet sale and will begin purging other items from my apartment.  I’m going to be selling several pieces of my furniture as there just won’t be space for them, and I’m looking forward to a fresh start. 

I plan to take photos and a video tour of the place empty this weekend, and then of course vlog and share the moving and decorating process, and ultimately the final outcome, so stay tuned!

And the most exciting part of all, my new roommate…


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