Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Saturday morning at the gym for shoulder day.  I was so annoyed being there so early, but of course, so glad I went.

On another note, this is a new top and I felt so yucky in it–despite the picture looking good–which just reaffirms me that if you look good (in your mind), you feel good, so workout clothes you like and feel good in, make a big difference.

Saturday morning something exciting happened, and I know this is a total teaser (like I did on Instagram) but I will be sharing some exciting news tomorrow!

We grabbed Dirienzo’s for lunch and had a little picnic with our Tim Hortons drinks.

Elevator selfie with an unsuspecting boyfriend in the background–or perhaps he was aware and just doesn’t care.

Later Saturday afternoon we drove down to Kingston to visit Marco’s parents.  We spent the night and visited with his family.

We hit up H&M and I tried and bought a few new pieces, including this t-shirt and those faux leather leggings.

The next day, before heading home, Marco insisted I try my very first Hoagie.  It was super messy but uber delicious.

I purchased these boots last week to replace the three pairs of completely worn out boots I have on rotation.  I don’t love them as much as the others, but the price was right.  I promised myself I would throw out the others if I purchased these, since I needed them… and I have yet to throw any boots out #lightweighthoarder

Once back in Ottawa, we grabbed Nando’s and ran some errands.

We ended up at Ikea and I insisted on getting ice cream cones (in -10C weather, no less).

Taking a rest.

When I got home, I added 30 pairs of shoes to my closet sale on my Facebook page, including these boots I’ve never worn.

And finally, a sneak peek at the items I bought on the weekend from H&M.  I’m loving black, navy, and grey lately and don’t want to wear much else.  These pieces feel so effortlessly me.

Left to right: Navy thin-knit sweater, black t-shirt, black faux leather leggings & black faux leather (front) and fabric (back) leggings


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