Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

As I mentioned, my weekend kicked off on Friday as I spent the day at Place d’Orleans mall with a small crew handing out candy and gift cards–basically spreading the love–to shoppers to thank them.  It was a long day for the feet but so much fun.  The entire thing was filmed which I will share as soon as it’s finished.

These were the treats we gave out to shoppers in the mall. 

Since I had a few minutes to spare after we finished, I popped in to Target to discover they still had a few Peter Pilotto pieces left, including this bikini top (I didn’t like the bottoms).  What luck!  I didn’t even try it on as I was feeling lazy, but it fits fairly well (size medium).

A sweet treat from a coworker–handmade to boot.

Friday night Valentines’ dinner with my boo.

Marco took me to Luxe and I had the pork belly on lentils.  It was okay but the sweet-potato coconut soup was amazing (two of my favourite things).

I wore the same denim and blazer from the day but swapped in a low-cut silk blouse & my Asos feather clutch.

Outfit deets:  Vero Moda blazer, F21 top, H&M denim, Le Chateau boots & Asos clutch.

I splurged and had dessert; a deconstructed tart that was tangy and crumbly.

Saturday  morning breakfast–what I eat every morning at work, but rarely on the weekends; oatmeal with flax, chia seeds, thawed berries & a ton of cinnamon (no sugar) + a peppermint tea.

I hit the gym solo on Saturday morning.

On Saturday night, my parents surprised me with a birthday dinner one month in advancejust like last year!  They made my favourite meal: a full turkey dinner.  My sister, brother-in-law, nephew, grandparents and best friends and her husband all came to celebrate with me.  It was so nice.

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten balloons and despite that being a pretty special number on them, it felt so nice to get them!

Peanut is our family dog who lives with my parents.  She is fourteen (!) and I love her so much.  She’s lost her hearing and we were recently informed she had a stroke a while ago so walking is a big troublesome, but it’s a neurological issue, not a pain issue, fortunately.

Sunday morning gym sesh with my main squeeze.

Splurge!  Breakfast out at our favourite spot and I got over-easy eggs instead of my usual scrambled #thingsthatneverhappen

I spent Sunday afternoon at the new condo, taking photos, and I filmed a tour of the place empty which I will eventually share.  Later on, I met up with Marco and we decided to go back to the condo together after 10pm and bring a few things–I brought the snack.


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