A Mini-Week Catch-Up

Sorry for the radio silence over the past couple days, I had a bit of blogger’s block.  Also, wanted to apologize for offending anyone in my previous video–oops, that was not my intention and I’ll work on nixing that word.  That said, there is no need to be mean, we can have different opinions and still get along.  Let’s spread positivity and enjoy our time here.

Onto the mid-week snaps!  This week has been pretty boring, ha, but I thought I’d share a few photos I’ve taken.  It’s mainly been a mix of unpacking, running errands and spending time with some family.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…

Last night, my bestie and I went for pedicures.  It was her first outting since having her baby and quite enjoyed.  I’m not sure of the colour I’m wearing above, it’s a plum-y colour from OPI and I forgot to check the name.  I wanted a French pedicure but we went to a place I don’t normally go to and they said they couldn’t do it.  #wahwah

The first piece of art is hung… and my birthday balloons are still going strong!

My parents are back from their month-long vacation in Florida and my mom brought me back a couple Elf blushes from Target.  For some reason, we don’t have Elf at our Targets in Ottawa and it’s an inexpensive brand I like to experiment with.

I have been longing to wear these Shoemint lace-up heels for months, but they they felt so summery, even indoors.  That said, I unpacked them the other day and couldn’t resist breaking them out–it is the end of March afterall.

Here is the current state of the second bedroom.  I’ve spent a good four hours chipping away at it, since you saw it last.  Although it looks cluttered–and by all means, it is–it’s starting to take shape and I can actually move around in there now.

And finally, a very special visit to my best friend’s new baby last night.  He’s all of three weeks old and so teeny tiny perfect.


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