I’m moving today!

It’s finally here: move day!

I was up until after almost 3am last night finishing my packing–turns out, I was less organized than I thought.  That said, it’s done.  It’s done!  Now just have to supervise the movers, bite my tongue and pray nothing gets broken.

The plan for the day is as follows: movers arrive at Marco’s at 9am.  I will be heading there just before then so we can keep an eye on things at both ends.  Once all packed up, we will head over to my place together and get this place packed up by the movers.  Then, it’s on to the new spot for unloading.

The bonus is that we both have our apartments until the end of March, which means there will be a few items remaining once the movers load up my place, such as my bed, dresser, armour, etc.  All things I plan to sell and don’t want to move.  Additionally, a garbage bag of laundry–how do people deal with that?–and some bottles of wine that I suppose I will just transport over the coming days on my own.

Tomorrow I have taken the day off work to unpack and organize and putter away at my own pace, which I’m looking forward to.  I’m even more excited to spend the first night in our new place, and in our new bed–from the couple quick lie downs, it seems like something I could get used to!

I’ll share weekend snaps on Tuesday and you can see what my apartment living room usually looked like here, if you’d like.


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