MOVE UPDATE | My Messy Room

I’m living in a bit of a chaotic mess, currently, but that’s kind of expected with move day only four days away, right?

Four days you guys!  

I’m so freaking excited, but did have a big of an ugly-cry-meltdown in front of Marco on Monday night.  I like to keep it real here so I think with all the happiness and excitement, the stress of moving and such a big change was suppressed and it just bubbled up quickly and had to come out.  That said, I feel so much better and understood and just, ready.

So we’ve had a few hiccups this week, with regards to the move but I’m trying to stay positive.  Basically we were all set to move in this coming Sunday and have been advised that we are not allowed to move on the weekend, according to the condo Property Manager.  Additionally, we have to pay a fee to move in–does this sound ridiculous to you?  It sounds a little ridiculous to me.  However, chins are up because ultimately this is exciting and by this time next week I’ll be moved in with a glass of wine in hand (likely while continuing to unpack, ha).

I have been doing some slow packing this week, and am taking a load to the consignment shop tonight, which will get rid of some of the clutter.  I have five garbage bags sitting in my front foyer to be donated and a kitchen that hasn’t been touched, as far as packing goes.

However, I’ve packed up more than half my clothes, most of my decor and trinkets, and shoes.  I feel like when you start packing though, you realize how much more you have than you thought.  So, in a sense I feel like I’m doing good with the packing, but know I have a ways to go.  With that, the next few days are open and dedicated to packing.  C’mon Monday, I’m excited for you!


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