NEW SHOES | Converse Chuck Taylors

I have been debating this purchase for a little over a year and am so happy I finally bit the bullet!  I wasn’t sure if I needed a in my life or not–my sister fully supported this purchase–but when still thinking about these a year later, it’s safe to say I do.

While out shopping, I hadn’t intended to pick these up, but while walking towards SoftMoc I knew I should try them on again (since I had done this song and dance a year ago).  I grabbed the Chucks and too (in white), and asked the sales associate to check for my size.  

Success!  In both pairs.   

I pranced around the store, going back and forth between the two, but I knew where my heart laid–plus the Dainty are more narrow and girlfriend has a wide foot.  Say no more, the rest is history and here we are today, living in perfect, prancing harmony.  I’m ready for you denim skirts & sunshine.


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